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Jed Murphree


About Us


I'm a therapist. 

My career path has not been a straight shot in any one direction, and to call my collective work experience eclectic might not do it justice.

The facts are this: I am a seasoned clinician, I have been licensed since 2011, and I have a broad set of skills I've honed over time through practice. I help people deal with life on life's terms, and make sense of its ups and downs.

Parallel Lines


Individual Counseling

One on one, face to face - that's individual therapy. In the beginning it's a lot about building rapport. That's another word for trust, which is key to a successful counseling experience. Together we explore your challenges and I help you develop skills to be your best self.


The relationship is the client in couples counseling. 


How well you communicate, your attachment styles, sex, and your expectations are all explored to help you restore your connection and find better ways to do relationship. 

What I Treat

I work most frequently with depression and anxiety, interpersonal and couples conflict, complex relationships, and issues around sex.

How I Work

How I work means my clinical orientation - what theories I hold to and the techniques I use. In the simplest of terms, I'm an eclectic.


As a not so easy summation I have an attachment driven, humanistic, existentialist orientation; and I most often use cognitive behavioral and emotionally focused therapies.


I'm a Huntsville native who left and came back. I grew up here, and then spent a number of years meandering about the country and beyond. I was every bit a nomad for a while. All those travels and experiences have very much made me the person and professional I am today.

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