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  • Jed Murphree, LPC

A quick word on tele-therapy

Yes, the age of quarantine is upon us, social distancing is more than something you do in the bar or at a party to avoid someone, and scarcity is becoming a new norm we are all getting used to. At the same time we are being told to either shelter in place or to strongly limit our outside contact with others. As a result we are all starting to spend a lot more time either alone (i.e. isolated) or with a small group of people (i.e. family), and some are feeling like they are coming apart at the seams because of it.

So here we are are confused, frightened, isolated, and anxious, along with feeling overwhelmed, saturated, short-tempered and mad among other things as we all adapt to a life that focuses on limiting outside contact with others. Life has been turned upside-down in many ways and all of us are having to learn how to cope.

For those that are feeling overwhelmed by all this consider tele-therapy.

It's counseling, only via a video communication format. You don't have to leave your home, the therapy is basically Face Time from a phone or computer, only through a protected channel. As a provider, I've made sure that I'm doing everything I need to to keep the session confidential (HIPAA compliant) so that your personal information is kept safe.

Insurance has provisions in place to pay for these kinds of telemedicine services, and even if you're a new client, an intake appointment can be done via a tele-session.

Even if you don't have insurance and need the help, reach out and ask local providers about fee for service arrangements and/or a possible sliding fee scale. Psychology Today is great resource for finding a therapist in your area. I have a profile on there.

My point is: consider tele-therapy if you find yourself or a loved one too stressed out or really really down because of the our collective medical emergency. If even for a short time, counseling can help.

Just remember, mental health matters.

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